Adriel Boguslavski
7th grade
Firstly, the shamrock, which represents good luck. I also used the Israel flag and the Star of David to add a Jewish element. And lastly, Yom HaAzmaut because it is the next Jewish holiday. Israel is very important for Jews from abroad because it means they don't forget that they have their own country and so people don't forget their religion. Israel is very important to me because my religion comes from there and because my ancestors come from there. Israel is a modern, smart country with a little less than 9 million inhabitants. The largest cities in Israel are Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It is very hot in Israel and it is near the sea. On my poster I convey that Israel is a wonderful country for Jews abroad and that we must believe in our country. In addition, all Jews should never forget their religion and always stand by their country. My sources were a video we watched in class and Google. One of my sources was also a text that we received in class