Amy Sheriff
Immanuel College
6th grade
Celebrating Israel's 76 years and how strong it is and that Independence Day is especially important this year. The image features the Kotel and Magen David to represent Jewish identity. It is colorful to show the different types and beliefs of Jews throughout the world who are represented by Israel. My poster is a response to "What role does Israel play in the Jewish world?" It shows that there are so many different ways of being Jewish and different denominations around the world, but we all rally together at the thought of Israel our homeland. Look at us - we are Jewish, we are all different, we are proud and we are celebrating our continued existence as a country on Yom Haatzmaut. I drew lightning bolts all over it to show Israel's strength and showed the dates of when Israel was founded and today. Israel poster 1970s - a new representation of the same Kotel and Magen David theme with added color and life. I was inspired by Stefan Razvan's poster and used the rainbow to represent those colors.