Hayden Hendricks
Masada College
9th grade
I chose to incorporate a bit of the history of Israel. I wrote a brief explanation of the history of Yom Ha'atzmaut. I used another program to create the number 76 to represent the 76 years since the declaration of the state of Israel. I incorporated words in the number 76 to describe Israel. I inserted words like strong, community, religion, spiritual, vibrant, etc. My poster represents Israel as a whole. If it answers a question it would be "What values does Israel represent today?". My poster contains a series of words that describe not only Israel, but its people too. My poster conveys a positive message about Israel and its community. I used positive words to describe Israel and I hope people can understand my use of words. I saw some other posters which focused on the history of the day and its backstory. That inspired me to design my poster. I also focused on the number 76 to commemorate the 76th anniversary.