Sonya Korchemnaia
Masada College
7th grade
At the bottom of the poster there are pictures of Israel in a frame like it's from a notebook which represents my life-long lasting dream of going to Israel. Then there is a shadow of two fingers connecting (like in Michelangelo's the creation of Adam), in the picture Adam and G-d are connecting, like people connect with Hashem in Israel. At the very top in cursive handwriting there is "freedom" written down, which also represents the inner freedom that people get to experience in Israel, the blue sky in the background also represents that. Israel is to where G-d lead Moshe after Jewish people left Israel, it is where we belong. I always dreamed of going to Israel, visit the Kotel and connect with Hashem in a new and special way. Today Israel is really valuable to non-jewish people because there are a lot of different archeological finds from the ancient times. Israel is important and valuable to a lot of people. I am conveying the message of freedom that people get to experience in Israel. Jewish people had been discriminated and hated. Israel is the place in the world, where we get to connect with our belief and our thoughts. I was inspired by a couple of students that used the idea of doing a collage on their posters. I found it very pretty and with a lot of meaning in the background.