About Us

The National Library of Israel is the prime institution of national memory – not only of the Israeli nation but of the Jewish people around the world. Its mission is to serve as a home for the collections, archives, manuscripts, documents, maps, music, and other items of unique national, historic, or cultural significance and to pass these treasures on to future generations.

Our global educational activity aims to foster meaningful learning experiences that expose learners to these rich and diverse collections and encourage them to engage with their cultural heritage. With support from Gesher L’Europa, an initiative of the National Library of Israel and the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe, we create opportunities and resources for educators to connect with the National Library of Israel and enrich their educational work.

Bringing History to Life

Our mission is twofold: to bring the past to life, and to bring the past into our lives.

We present primary sources in a way that brings the past to life, exposes learners to the personal stories behind grand historical events and gives them a glimpse into dramatic moments from the past. Once a source comes to life, it creates a spark of connection between past and present. This connection is amplified when we help learners discover how relevant and resonant the past can be. We explore the ways in which the past can teach us more about ourselves, and the community we live in, and informs us on how to deal with dilemmas and questions we grapple with in the present. In this way, we not only bring the past to life, but also bring the past into learners’ lives.


Shuvi Hoffman, Global Jewish Education Manager


Shuvi is a graduate of “Revivim”, an honors program at the Hebrew University, where she received her BA in Jewish studies and MA in biblical studies. She has taught Tanach, Jewish philosophy, and Hebrew, written Jewish studies curriculum and worked as a teachers’ mentor in various frameworks in Israel and abroad. She spent two years in New York teaching Hebrew and Tanachin SAR High School as a WZO emissary, and teaching in “Drisha” summer programs.

Your “Four Sons”

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