Lesson Plan

Planting a Tree from Afar - Create a Certificate

What are some customs of Tu B’Shvat? What is the importance of trees in Israel? How can Jews living outside of Israel plant trees in Israel? In this unit, we will discuss the tradition of Jews sending money to plant trees in Israel. We will analyze a JNF tree certificate and design our own.

Design our own tree certificate while learning about the custom of planting trees in Israel.

Group Activity

Working alone or with a partner, analyze the JNF certificate using the worksheet.

Discussion Questions

  • What is the importance of donating money to plant a tree?
  • Has anyone ever planted a tree in your name? If so, what was the occasion? How did you feel knowing that someone had planted a tree in Israel in your honor? Why do you think they chose a tree donation as a way to honor you?
  • Have you ever planted a tree through the JNF in honor or in memory of someone? Did they receive a certificate? Do you know what it looked like?
  • Is planting trees still important and relevant in your opinion?
  • What are other forms of contributing and connecting to Israel today?

Creative Activity

Based on searching the JNF website for examples of certificate designs, we will design our own tree certificate (with art materials or using an online app). 

Points to consider while designing:

  • What elements do you see in this KKL-JNF certificate?
  • What text will you include in your certificate?
  • What design? Which symbols or logos?
Save/Print PDF

Working alone or with a partner, analyze the JNF certificate using the worksheet.

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