Lesson Plan

We are Angry! Women's Liberation Movement Ad

This is an advertisement of the Women's Liberation Movement in Jerusalem campaigning against the annual Israeli Beauty Pageant from 1972. In addition to protesting the pageant, the movement includes its demands for equal pay and taxes for equal work, civil marriage, free abortion, and free day care.

“We are not beautiful, we are not ugly, we are angry!” Who was so angry and what were they angry about?

Group Activity

Stage a debate on the question of “Should beauty pageants be banned?” or “Are beauty pageants empowering or objectifying to women?”

Discussion Questions

  • Why are the contestants in the beauty pageant compared to chickens in a butcher's shop?
  • What is the symbolism of the different images that appear on the poster? 
  • Are you in favor of or against beauty competitions?
  • Which inequalities mentioned in this poster still exist today?   
  • Is Israel a more gender-equal society than other countries? 
  • The poster calls for a protest gathering. Do you believe protests are effective in creating social change? 
  • Does Judaism put any value on physical beauty? 

Creative Activity

Design your own protest poster against a cause that is important to you. What images, slogans, and content would you include? 

Read this article about the 2021 Alternative Beauty Pageant called “'Miss Fix Universe” . Design a competition based on categories and characteristics other than physical beauty and research Jewish or Israeli women who would you nominate to compete.

Israeli Eurovision winner Neta Barzilai refused to perform at the 2021 Miss Universe competition held in Israel, saying: "Even though I see a lot of beauty in it, I still cannot see myself standing on a stage where women are judged by appearance, body size, height, and weight. Although updates have been made in accordance with the times, I still think beauty pageants are a harsh concept. They are outdated and diminishing. It's time to move on." Learn more about Netta Barzilai and prepare a presentation about her life and accomplishments.

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Stage a debate on the question of “Should beauty pageants be banned?” or “Are beauty pageants empowering or objectifying to women?”

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