Abital Harel
Colegio Colombo Hebreo
10th grade

Israel shapes my jewish story because it gives me a home. In my poster I wanted to convey the message that we hold Israel in our hearts and we are proud of it because it gives us a home and a safe space to live in. I wanted to show that Israel is, like our family, friends and dreams, part of our hearts and I don't mean a metaphorical heart but a real one. I believe Israel is the only country in the world that, even if not all jews live there, we all feel connected to it and we feel part of it wherever we might be. For my creation I got inspired by the 32nd Yom Ha'atzmaut poster Poster from 1980. The poster is very colourful and it was based on a heart so I realized that, although we usually take hearts to represent love and friendship, we don't actually see them as an essencial part of our body and, by so, something we need for our survival.