HB155 9th grade students
Golda Och academy
9th grade

We incorporated the Israeli flag and hearts and while this may seem like a shallow-level poster, it conveys the true love we have for this country in the most straightforward way possible. We also contributed words we learned in our Hebrew class such as democracy, freedom, חופש דיבור, זכויות and מחלוקת, which all display the values of Israel and the Jewish nation as a whole. Another aspect included in our poster was the fire almost obliterating this house entirely which symbolizes all of the struggles of the nation of Israel; however, the love is still there showing that if we come together as a people, we can throw out the metaphorical flames. In the very center of the poster there are words of a beautiful song we learned in our Hebrew class אין לי ארץ אחרת. The song symbolizes how adamant Israel is in our lives and even if Israel is going through hard times, we will stand with it and support it. Our poster has a house on it, which shows that it is the home of all Jews across the entire world. Israel is a key component of my Jewish story as it is truly the core of it. The house still standing strong through the fire demonstrates how Israel is strong and the Jewish people as a whole have immense strength when banned together. Israel is a safe place for Jewish people and when feeling lost, we have the opportunity to go to Israel to help us find out Jewish identity. We are conveying how the Jewish people as a whole when they truly love something and bam together create this beautiful, strong country. There are many photos and powerful words displaying the many aspects of Israel and how important it is for so many different reasons. Israel is strong and can stand through anything because of the love we all have for our country. "The primary source from the national library that inspired us was the “Third Yom Hatzmut Poster, 1951 along with the “A Board Game by El Al poster. We love Israel and wanted to prove that with our poster."