Meira Banks
Maimonides School
8th grade

In my poster I chose to incorporate the flag of the state of Israel. Tens of thousands of people marched around the Old City waving flags and singing at the annual Jerusalem Day parade on Wednesday, to celebrate 50 years since the reunification of Jerusalem during the 1967 Six Day War. I wanted to incorporate the 6 day war in honor of Yom Hazikaron which is only the day before Yom Ha'azmaut. There is a flower on the side because Jerusalem is the starting place of the Jewish people. We learn in the Navi that the world started from Jerusalem and expanded outward. I chose to incoorperate the family and friends underneath to show that the establishment of Israel is for everyone to enjoy. Old and young, male or female. Even if we may not have lived through the establishment of Israel and its process, We need to celebrate and commemorate it as if we had lived it oursleves. I think Israel plays a role in the Jewish World by being its happily ever after. All the Jews want to do is go home to the land for which God gave us. Its like wanting to go home after a long day of work. After the people do their mission in life and find what makes them happy and feel complete, all they can think of is Israel. Whats left in places outside of Israel? nothing is as special, holy, or connected as Israel. Not only more connected to God, but to ourselves as Jewish people. Im conveying the celebration between the community. The main thing I want people to notice about my poster is the people underneath the flag. Its silhouettes of boys, girls, men, and women are so joyous to celebrate the country which we fought so hard for. They realize that it was our passion and dedication to succeed and create a lasting Jewish homeland. None of the pictures or sources inspired me to create my poster. It was something my grandmother had said that impacted me. She told me that we were the ones who made it happen and it doesnt matter who you are it was everyone together who created this vibrant communtiy that started as a seed which needs tender love and care.