Diana Stan
University of Bucharest
18 years old

I incorporated in the Menorah silhouette,( one of the most common, popular, and representative symbols of the Judaic Culture,) the Names of the Israeli Nobel laureates, in order to graphically emphasize the main idea of " Being smart it's in my blood"-the Judaic cultural roots are creating a winner mentality, worldwide recognized, as the winners of the Nobel Awards are offering back to Israel their knowledge, dedication, and recognition. "Israel is obviously playing a significant role in the Jewish world and in the whole world, contributing to the worldwide cultural heritage with so many Nobel laureates. Israel is promoting a winner mentality and education at the highest possible level, and this is an essential and rare mix.Values: patriotic values, winner values, innovation, determination, and perseverance." "Being smart it's in my blood!" "Yom Ha'atzmaut Poster-page 1Israel 150 Stamp-page 278th Yom Ha'atzmaut Poster, 1956-page 5-flag colorsShana Tova Card, Herzl, 1910-page 61"