Emmett Jaskoll
The Leffell School
6th grade

I have decided to include hearts in the corner of my poster because Israel is accepting and loving towards everyone. Then I've included olive leave branches to represent the hope of continued peace in Israel. Finally, the last visual component I've included is the Israeli flag and I have strategically placed it in the center as way to focus more carefully on it. I've also decided to include a few key words to enhance the poster in a more meaningful way. Israel represents peace, more specifically a place where many diverse people have to come to call their home. In my poster I have included the olive branches for peace as well as the words "Our Home" to represent Israel as a home for all. My poster as a whole coveys the message of continued peace in Israel. In my art activity for the celebration of Israel, my teacher showed me several examples of previous celebration posters from the NLI. The poster that inspired me the most was the very first poster for the first celebration by the the Shamir brothers. The design was very simple yet still meaningful and representational of Israel.