Chaya Mussia Grinfeld
Estonian Jewish Education Center
2nd grade

I have drawn the Flag of Israel, the David Star, Matza Shmura,  our Tallinn Synagogue and the Western Wall. These all are the close for my  symbols of my idishkait and the connection with the Land of Israel.

"All  the resources and programs in Israel which the Land of Israel is creating and  doing for all the Jewish communities all over the world, helps me, my family  and my friends to feel us as a happy Jewish people and to observe Jewish  traditions with joy!

My most favourite Jewish holidays are Purim and Pesach. The stories of  these holidays are all connected to the Land of Israel, they couldn't be  without the idea and the reality of our beloved Country. And nowdays my  family is dreaming to come together to Israel as our ancestors that days.

Our Land of Israel is celebrating its new 75 years history and the present  and the future, and its existing helps me to live the Jewish life where I am  now. I always know I have a home - and it is Israel, where we will come with  my family one day.

All Jewish Values and Traditions has been kept and are alive athough the  Holy Temple is not rebuilt yet.

(And our Alive Jewish actions and mitzvot is helping to rebuilt it as soon  as possible)"

Our art teacher has shown us different posters from the  National Library site, so I can see different ideas and to feel what I like  and remember the most from my jewish life and what I would like to share in  my poster. Thank you for the ideas.