Hannah Marin and Aviva Berman
The Leffell School
6th grade

We included two doves holding an olive branch in between them because we want to represent peace and unity. The two doves symbolize peace and love, and the olive branch symbolizes peace and unity because the two doves are holding it in between them. We wanted to represent peace and unity because we want Israel to have those things forever. In addition, we included an Israeli flag in our poster because it is Israel's 75th birthday! We drew confetti to celebrate Israel's birthday. The role Israel plays in the Jewish world is uniting all the Jewish people to one country where we can pray, live together, and to make everyone feel safe in a peaceful Jewish community. Israelis also work together to create a place where all Jews can feel close to G-d and each other. The two doves working together in our poster to hold the olive branch and the Israeli flags represents that. Like we said in our previous answer, the two doves symbolize peace and love, like how we hope to make Israel a peaceful country where all Jews can care for each other, and love each other and G-d; the two doves holding the olive branch show unity, like how Israel unites all Jews. We are trying to tell that Israel, and especially the world, is a better place when everyone is loving, kind and works together. We didn't use one of those sources to inspire our creation, we came up with it ourselves.