Aliza Friedman
Ohr Chadash Academy
5th grade

I was recently in Israel and got to go to the Kotel and walk the streets of the town. I did the number 75 in flowers to represent the 75 years of Israel being a state. I choose flowers because the beauty of the land is blossoming. My grandparents and best friend both made Aliyah and now live in Israel. I had the honor of visiting them this Pessach. I will always have a home to go to in Israel which is super special and I know I am lucky. Also, getting to go to the Kotel and pray there was very meaningful. In the sunrise I like how all the colors come together showing how all Jews can be different but when we are together we are a beautiful nation. My recent trip to Israel and getting to tour the land and see all the bright colors and joy everyone in Israel has.