Judith Halstuch Sragovicz, Naomi Calderon Acosta, Sara Wasserman Von der Walde, Gabriela Gonzalez Angel and Galia Bechar Lozada
Colegio Colombo Hebreo
8th grade

Our poster is divided in 3 parts: our grandparents, our parents and our generation.In the first part there are some soldiers representing the freedom that we were fighting for at the time.In the second part there's our parents' generation enjoying everything their parents worked for and living the life so many doubted they could have.And in the last part, we are highlighting all the technology that puts Israel on the frontier in the present and the independence we fight to keep every single day.For us, one of the main things that Israel represents is our history and legacy as the Jewish people. Most of the holidays are somehow linked to Israel, and we say "Next year in Jerusalem". Rites and traditions written thousands of years ago talk about Israel as our holy land, as the place where we belong. It's also the image of diversity, unity, resilience, leadership, hope, future and cutting edge technology. But most of all, Tikkun Olam, and everything it stands for. We want to honor the generations that have lived through the Israel we know today and remember the struggle of the ones before. We want to honor our grandparents who fought for our freedom and paved the way so we could live the life they were denied. We want to honor our parents who got to enjoy that freedom and made sure we didn't lose it, and also did everything their parents couldn't. And lastly, we want to honor our generation. The generation preparing to take the reigns, the one that has achieved so much in such a short time and will do so much more. But is also fighting to keep the freedom that we've been trying to get for millennia and making sure nobody gets to ever take it away from us again. We want to show Israel for what it is; our history, legacy, and most of all, our hope. It's what we know will keep us safe, and will always be there as a reminder that we've been here for thousands of years and will be for thousands more. What most impacted us to go in this direction was the collection of David Ben Gurion and Theodore Hertzel. The father of modern-day zionism and the man who signed the declaration of independence that sealed the fate of Jews all around the world in a time when all they knew was darkness. But he changed that, gave them hope in a time when they weren't living but surviving and gave them fate that some day, they'd be able to live the life that was tried to take away from them, but only proved us stronger than ever, the image of resilience.