Haddar Duman
Bruriah High School for Girls
9th grade

The color scheme: I chose yellow because is a bright color that contrasts nicely with white. Red is a color that demands attention. Blue and white are the colors of the Israeli flag. All the rest of the colors match. The form, shape and structure of kids are doll-like with blank faces because they could be anyone. Simple yet complex. Words flow from the ground up to the people. They flow from person to person giving the heart life. The number of words that relate to the word unity are- 75 in number, which equals the number of years of Israel's existence. Finally, the head is the Israeli flag because it is the brain of the body, standing strong when its people are unified. I decided to answer the question "What role does Israel play in the Jewish world?Israel is our home, our center. For thousands of years, we were dispersed amongst the nations. We prayed to return to the promised land and now Jews all over the world have a place to call home. Israel serves as our hope. Israel serves as our pride. Israel serves as a light unto the nations. Uniting as one is what has and what will help us to keep our land and help it prosper." The message I hope to spread with my poster is that we are one nation despite our differences. It is important to respect one another even though we may be different. We need to be patient by listening to one another and we need to work together. Israel is our country and her heart pumps only when we are united. "12th Yom Ha'atzmaut Poster 1960- I liked the design and creativity of how the children are shaped and built and the position they are in.I was inspired by the 32nd Yom Ha'atzmaut Poster 1980. I liked the heart and that everyone was together in it and it showed the beauty of Israel.I was inspired by the 22ng Yom Ha'atzmaut Poster 1970. I like that every kid is cheerful and smiling out of the leaves with the flag of Israel. It looks like they are accepting of one another and are being hospitable.