Cali Ferrell and Blythe Hively
Akiva Academy
7th grade

The major idea of our poster is that Israel can spread peace in the world through its technological inventions. That's why we have a USB stick: to "plug in peace" to the world from Israel. Israel is open to many ideas and creativity from anyone, living in Israel or not. It serves as a home for all Jewish people, and the Israelites before them. A place that G-D gave them; the Holy Land. It is very important and contributes to the religion and culture of the Jewish people. For our poster, our original idea was supposed to be about the technological pioneering that Israel created with the USB flash drive by Dov Moran. We also wanted to add elements that portrayed Israel’s 75th anniversary, so we decided to add the Israeli flag to the USB and the hands of the astronauts as well as the text below.