Bouaziz Fabienne
Yabne School
5th grade

In the background: Jerusalem and its walls, highlighted in warm colors (yellow/orange/gold and copper shades)On this background are projected the symbols of the State of Israel (flags, menorah, olive branch, national anthem, map of the country, Star of David...) painted in different shades of blue and the bright blue color of the flag. The combination of orange and blue complementary colors in this painting/mosaic illustrates the eye stones.The symbols of the Jewish state are also its strength.Our idea with the students is this: Jerusalem, the city of gold and light (of gold) was and will always be the eternal capital and living heart of the Jewish people (for next year in Jerusalem). The capital on which the values of the State of Israel are based.The history of Israel is ancient, contemporary and future, in this Israel is eternal. Jerusalem is its center and the Jewish state is built on this basis. The warm colors reflect the history, the past and the central location of Jerusalem, the cold colors illustrate the present: the State of Israel is alive and it is 75 years old!I was inspired by the Independence Day posters 22, 32, 34 (1970, 1980, 1982), poster of the El Al game board, because of the central location of Jerusalem and the warm colors.