Heinz Galinski School
5th grade

The poster  advertises the Beasley snack - a snack/snack for adults and children. There  is no connection to a certain place or time and it is very ornate. and  transmits a festive atmosphere. Actually turns out to be a snack for everyone  when in the background you can see a colorful flag with a Star of David. The  use of the Star of David symbols are the ones that show the connection  between the snack and Israel. The choice of the Osem company was made with  the thought that its products reflect an Israeli taste that has no equal in  the world. Bisli is a special snack that reminds me of Israel and I chose it  because it was the tastiest of all the snacks we tasted. The message is that  Bisli is not only for children but also for adults and that it is fun to eat.