Bensimon Sarah
Maimonide-Rambam School
3rd grade

This year we worked on the theme of water...    In our poster you can see a faucet that pours water on the Land of Israel  and allows it to flourish    Israel is a pioneer in drip methods. It is the one that allowed many  countries to overcome the lack of water.    Israel has a mission to "fix the world" and through this  invention it fully fulfills it!    The faucet at the top of the poster also gives another interpretation: God  sends water on the Land of Israel and lets it bloom and give its wonderful  fruits...    Water, which is an essential element in life, requires the work of man and  God's blessing.    When a person achieves his goals, he must share and benefit others, the  rest of the world.    We were inspired by the water tower, poster- 1960 and the Israel, the land  of the Bible, poster, 1954.