Frederique Bursztyn
Yabne School
4th grade

The students enriched the poster with pictures of righteous people whose presence filled the country for more than 75 years. We also added their personal postcard of Rabbi Meir's grave. We added the map of the Land of Israel to link the righteous to the land and show their burial places.Many righteous people are buried in Israel... This is the land where there has been a Jewish presence for nearly 3000 years and it testifies, despite the diaspora, of its special importance for us as Jews.The Jewish presence has existed in Israel for more than 75 years. Israel contains many graves of righteous people and some of the cities are the oldest and holiest places in the Holy Land.The primary sources that inspired us:- Israel, Land of the Bible 1954- Lighting the menorah in the Temple- Independence Day poster, 1970