Axele Taeb
Yabne School
2nd grade

Together with the students, we choose to work on the symbols that characterize the State of Israel, religious-Zionist symbols that they have learned about in school since kindergarten. We chose to concentrate 6 issues concerning Israel in the 6 triangles of the Star of David.Israel is a strong, united, fighting country that transmits religious, moral values and respect, brotherhood and peace. It is a country that is an example of technological and medical progress and its roots. It is small in size but big in heart and history. She is known and recognized worldwide for her physical and spiritual strength.To make this poster, we all worked together and thought about each of the images we chose. As in this work, Israel is a melting pot of cultures and we had to respect everything related to the essence of this country. Israel respects all shades of the population and its plurality of values. We wanted to highlight them all.Before we started to work on the poster, we looked at the library's posters and focused on the ones that showed a childish side, whether it was stamps, Independence Day posters and Keren Kayemet leIsrael ones.