Heinz Galinski School
5th grade

The poster is an advertisement for the Osem company, a company whose food products are identified with Israelis. It takes inspiration from the Israeli banana advertisement poster found in the catalog sent. The student kept similar elements and chose to manipulate the figure. The figure has no identifying details and is influenced by pop art. This is how to actually convey the message that Osam is addressing to everyone. In addition, there is no reference to a specific origin, but to all of the company's products. The choice of the Osem company was made with the thought that its products reflect an Israeli taste that has no equal in the world. Snacks that have a special taste that reminds me of Israel The message of the post - everyone's taste buds "The inspiration came from the poster for the Israeli bananaThe background is blue and white - symbolizes IsraelThe figure with the product in handThe reference to eating a Hebrew-banana product is used here as a reference to consume the products of the Osem company.