Judah Davidson and Benny Adam
Associated Hebrew Schools Danilack
8th grade

In response to the question what role does Israel play in the Jewish world, we drew Jerusalem because Israel is responsible for the protection of the holy city and places that millions are drawn to each year. It is the capital of the county and before the six-day war, Jerusalem was divided, the residents of the Jewish quarter expelled and the holy sites desecrated. Jews were prohibited from praying at the Kotel, until the IDF liberated and unified the city, and the shofar was sounded from the Temple mount once again. I chose Jerusalem as the theme to demonstrate the eternal importance of the city and how it is the epicentre of Jewish life, studies and religion. The Ir HaKadosh is central in Judaism and Israel has cemented these beleifs by developing Jewish infrastructure and providing a place of safe and free worship for all who seek to pray and practice their religions, as well as bringing back the 2000 year old Jewish presence dating back to the times of King David. I also wish to convey the hope of peace, unity and equality for Jerusalem. The black and white colour scheme of "Watch you weigt with Tnuva" and the power and importance from the "Shana Tova Card, Kotel" from 1967 were the main inspirations.