Daniel Shlick
Estonian Jewish Education Center
3rd grade

In my poster I have drawn the football game process of our  Maccabi football team in Estonia!

This is connecting me to the Land of Israel because I know that there the  Maccabi Teams in Israel also, and here are my Jewish friends, with them we  are playing for our team, for our community and for our Land and  Nation."

"The Erez Israel shares its view of life even through the  Football game process. The way how we are playing, how we are communicating  with our team friends and with other teams is also representing the Land of  Israel.

Maccabi is reminding me the Chanukah story - one of my most favourite story  and jewish holiday. Maccabi's family was spiring for the free and peaceful  Land of Israel, and that's what the present Land of Israel is striving for.  This is very important for me and for my family ."

Our Jewish history is  giving the strength to play in the present, to win and to live happy life in  freedom and peace with family, friends, community, and with the Land of Israel  in heart all over the world.

With our class and teachers we watched some  posters and it helped me to think about my idea and to fulfil it.