Lieba Fruma Shmorgun
Estonian Jewish Education Center
6 years old

I have drawn the Flag of Israel, because that's what I have learnt in my kindergarten, and I like to draw it their and at home. I love its blue and white colours. Now I am living not in Israel yet, but I keep all the Jewish traditions with my family in Estonia. So I have drawn on the Israel Flag also the symbols of my most favourite Jewish holiday - Purim (Omentashen, Rashan and Mishloah Manot), and of my most favourite Mitzva - Tzdaka box. The colours of the Israel Flag - blue and white - are the colors of a peace for me. I think that Eretz Israel is dreaming of peace, is performing this dream and is sharing this dream and the reality to all the world. When I see the Flag of Israel, I remember all my favourite holidays and mitzvot, and I am dreaming to go to Israel with all my family and see a lot of things I have learnt.Israel - is the name of my Nation, of my beloved Country and of all my favourite things in life! I liked to see the different posters from the computer, and our teacher also printed that poster which i liked, so i watched them and have drawn what I love.