Isabelle Culver and Tamar Sigler
Akiva Academy
8th grade

We chose a few elements with significant meaning. The first element is the seven species. We included these because they were the abundant foods found in Israel when people came to populate it. They also have a significant meaning in Jewish culture. The next element is the dove carrying the olive branch. This is a Jewish symbol of peace. It also represents the peace that Israel has been trying to keep throughout the years. We made sure to use very bright and concentrated colors to make the poster pop, while also adding the white border to catch the attention of others, and bring their eyes to the most important elements of the poster. Israel created a safe haven for the persecuted Jews. It allowed the Jews to live in a state of peace with each other. Israel helps Jews feel more connected to their Judaism. This makes them feel at home and like they belong. The message being conveyed in our poster is that Israel has significant meaning in Jewish culture. It grows the seven species that the Jewish people use in many holidays. It also is a big step in stopping the persecution that Jews have faced for centuries. They have been working for peace for as long as they could.