Elena Cohen
Yabne School
2nd grade

We creates a large poster. Colored pictures representing the State of Israel and other black and white pictures, blue wool.All photos were chosen by the students in order to emphasize the meaning of Israel for them.The values that Israel represents according to the selected photos are: our IDF that has been fighting for 75 years to continue to sustain this country, the beauty of the landscapes that attract many tourists every year and the culinary aspect that is very present in our country.In the end, we all have the same desire, the same idea of this country: a country that connects people, a protective country and a country full of wonderful places.I wanted to find meaningful pictures for 7 year olds so I started working onStudents were inspired by the advertisement of the El Al airline. Most of the students knew this company, we talked in class about the experience of flying to Israel and in the end, all the elements of the advertisement are also in our poster