Heinz Galinski School
5th grade

In the poster you see a superhero holding a Beasley bag. The poster expresses the idea that those who eat Beesley get superpowers or that Beesley appeals to people with superpowers. This is in contrast to the years when advertisements were aimed at women and put them in the cooking/kitchen slot. There is a new reading here that preserves elements of the same posters we saw - a sense of pride, a blue background that represents Israel, limited text and a message that goes through the image. The poster conveys the message that Bisley turns you into a superhero/ omnipotent. There is a choice to display a girl's figure. The inspiration was pictures of food from the catalog in which women are seen in the roles of caregivers or food departments. Here the intention is to take the figure to a more strengthened place and address everyone through it.