Agathe Suissa
Maimonide-Rambam School
2nd grade

The work was done in two dimensions with different materials. We used old recycled canvas.The canvas was separated into two parts: a yellow part and a blue part. On the yellow part are represented the more spiritual elements, those related to Hashem. (Although you can say that in Israel everything is connected to God...)...On the top right, the students created a cotton sun wrapped in aluminum foil and covered with yellow plastic wrap to create a golden effect. We planted toothpicks to make the sun's rays. They were previously painted with gold spray.We painted them before with gold spray.In the middle, above, you can see 3 white stones reminiscent of the Jerusalem stone and below a picture of the Temple and the Wall. The Western Wall is also represented by beige LEGO pieces. On the stones of Jerusalem, the children made a Star of David with blue wooden sticks, to create the flag. The students chose to paste the newspaper article about the birth of the State of Israel below to give meaning to the piece.Under the sun we dedicated a special place to the IDF with an article in a French newspaper explaining that the IDF is a symbol of Israel. The students filmed soldiers in action and a cannon with an orange ball aimed outside of Israel as a symbol of the country's defense against enemy attacks. You will also see 3 drops made of blue silver paper (chocolate coin paper) symbolizing the mourning of the families of the fallen soldiers. Below you can see an IDF uniform, and again the flag.On the upper left side you can see sand, palm trees and shells symbolizing the Israeli desert that we were able to blossom, and which also symbolizes the journeys of the people of Israel in the desert until they reached the Land of Israel. A kippah, and a tallit that represent Judaism, keeping the Torah and mitzvot.At the bottom of the piece you will find a number of essential items for children in Israel: i.e. falafel, ice cream and McDonald's kosher! Next to McDonald's they wanted to put cats, who always roam the streets of the city to eat the leftovers...!You can also see a hand extended to charity with six shekels, surrounded by hearts to express love for Israel. Around the wrist is a red thread, a nod to the sellers at the Kotel...On the lower left, you see fish. And finally, you will find at the bottom of the painting a bottle of milk and a jar of honey...The land of milk and honey.Israel is a Jewish state, a haven for the people of Israel. The unity of the Jewish people and God's protection allowed this country to last for many years.Israel is a country with a dynamic society full of different shades and landscapes as the poster shows.Through this table, you can find all the spiritual and material symbols of Israel that have meaning for children in second grade in France. On the one hand, they are innocent and carefree, but on the other hand, they are very aware of all the heavy responsibilities and dangers imposed on Israel. They have a deep connection to the Land of Israel, to Jewish life and to life in general, and feel immense sorrow for the many soldiers who fall every day to protect the small country dear to their hearts. This poster represents the melting pot of emotion and spirituality.We were inspired by the Independence Day postersIndependence Day 32Israel is the land of the BibleTnuva advertisementEl Al advertisementMilk distribution 1938Fishing in the lake 1960Wall New Year postcard 1967Women soldiers on Independence DayJerusalem 1950The journeys of the Israelites in the desert 1955