Rață Ionuț
Colegiul Național "Spiru Haret" - Tecuci
11th grade

The major elements of my poster are Einstein and David Ben-Gurion. Although Albert Einstein had no direct involvement in the founding or leadership of the State of Israel, he had a strong emotional connection to the Jewish people and actively supported the Zionist cause during the interwar period.David Ben-Gurion was a political leader and one of the founders of the State of Israel. He was the first prime minister of Israel and played a key role in obtaining the country's independence in 1948. Ben-Gurion was also one of the leaders of the Zionists, a Jewish political movement that promoted the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine." "Firstly, the poster emphasizes the crucial role that Israel plays in the Jewish world. As the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion played a pivotal role in establishing the State of Israel. By featuring him on the poster, it highlights Israel's significance as a homeland for the Jewish people and a center for Jewish culture and history.Secondly, the poster speaks to how Israel has influenced my own Jewish story. Although not an Israeli citizen, Albert Einstein was a celebrated Jewish scientist who made significant contributions to the field of physics. Including him on the poster underscores the global impact of Jewish people and their contributions to various areas, such as science, technology, art, and literature. This indicates that my Jewish identity is interconnected with the broader Jewish story and its contributions to humanity.Lastly, the poster signifies the values that Israel represents today. Both David Ben-Gurion and Albert Einstein championed democracy and freedom of expression, values that are fundamental to Israel's modern identity. By showcasing these figures conversing with reporters, the poster suggests that Israel values open dialogue and transparency and strives to uphold these principles in its governance and society." "In my poster, I wanted to highlight the critical importance of wisdom and courage in nation-building. Both Albert Einstein and David Ben-Gurion embodied these values in their work and leadership, and their contributions have been instrumental in shaping Israel as a nation.Albert Einstein's scientific genius and his outspoken advocacy for Zionism served as an inspiration for many Israelis, and his commitment to using science for the betterment of humanity continues to be a source of inspiration for people around the world.David Ben-Gurion's unwavering commitment to Israel's independence and his leadership during some of the country's most difficult moments have earned him a place as one of Israel's greatest leaders. His vision and courage to take bold actions have helped to shape Israel's identity and its place in the world.Through this poster, I express my deep admiration for both of these extraordinary individuals, and for the nation of Israel that they helped to build. It is my hope that their legacies will continue to inspire future generations of Israelis and people everywhere to pursue wisdom, courage, and innovation in their own lives and work." "In developing my poster, I drew inspiration from a range of primary sources from the National Library of Israel. However, there were a few sources that particularly resonated with me and served as the main sources of inspiration for my design:New immigrants from Morocco, Gilat 1954Eilat, 1952Let My People Go Rally with Golda Meir, 1969Mimouna Celebration, Jerusalem, 1970Distributing Milk, 1938Realism has always been an element that has fascinated me, and I find that historical photographs capture this quality in a unique way. Looking at these photographs evokes a strong sense of nostalgia in me, even though I didn't experience those times firsthand. However, I find that they allow me to connect with history in a more personal way and provide a window into the past that is both intriguing and captivating.The realism of these historical photographs is what has inspired me to create a poster with a similar aesthetic. I wanted to capture the same essence of the past that is present in the photographs, but with a modern twist. By adding color to the poster, I aimed to breathe new life into the image and to create a sense of vibrancy that reflects the energy and vitality of the past. Ultimately, my goal was to create something that both honors the history and adds a fresh perspective to it.I was inspired by this primary source https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/israeli-prime-minister-david-ben-gurion-stopped-off-to-news-photo/517256552